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Communicating On The Cutr Platform
Communicating On The Cutr Platform

Read hear how you can view and send messages to customers on a specific order.

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Our partners at Cutr are bringing to life the designs of our customers. To do this effectively, sometimes it makes sense to communicate directly with the customer, and other times it's easier to leverage Cutr’s expertise to support an efficient workflow. This guide will walk you through the steps and best practices for communication on the Cutr platform.

Communication Guidelines

You should reach out to Cutr during production for all questions relating to:

  • Payment

  • Delivery timelines and adjustments

  • Offer/quotation adjustments

  • Scope changes that require clarification

  • Order clarification

In some instances, your questions are more directly related to the physical delivery of the product or design intent. In those instances, you may reach out to the customer.

Note that any file approvals are better tracked through the “files” section of the platform. See the article here. You cannot currently upload any technical files using the chat functionality with customers.

Initiating Communication

For some orders, it is possible to talk directly with the customer. You will be able to see for which order this is available on the platform. If direct messaging is available, you can read below how to start a conversation with the customer.

Post Offer Acceptance:

  1. Navigating to Conversations:

    • Log in to your Cutr account.

    • Access the specific order by clicking on it.

  2. Accessing Conversations:

    • Navigate to the "Messages" tab on the order page.

    • Click on it to open the Messages section related to the accepted order.

  3. Creating a Message:

    • Click on the conversation on the left to be able to compose a message to the customer.

    • Craft your message, providing necessary information or seeking clarifications.

    • Utilize formatted text (headers, body text, bold/italic/underscore, and bullets) when composing messages.

    • Attach photos to convey visual information; however, refrain from sending CAD files or technical drawings.

  4. Sending Your Message:

    • Click "Send" to send your message. This will be attached to the accepted order for centralized tracking.

Best Practices for Communication

  1. Communication Etiquette:

    • If communicating directly with our end customer, be professional and courteous in your messages.

    • Note that any financial commitments made through this thread are not supported, and we recommend engaging directly with Cutr for these.

  2. Visibility:

    • Be aware that communication is visible and answerable to everyone in the Cutr and Customer organizations.

  3. Timely Responses:

    • Respond promptly to customer messages to ensure a smooth workflow.

    • Monitor notifications for new messages and address them in a timely manner.

    • Cutr will also keep an eye on new messages and prompt customers as needed.

Managing Communication Channels

  1. Notification Alerts:

    • You can see your unanswered or unviewed messages in the top right corner upon login.

    • Cutr will send you a daily reminder of unread messages so you don’t miss any!

  2. Contacting Cutr:

    • We understand that sometimes you would prefer to discuss orders only with Cutr. In those instances, please reach out to the Cutr team so they can manage your communication settings.

Today you can reach Cutr via phone (+31 (0)20 26 19 355) or our platform. Simply log into the Cutr platform, select the relevant order and navigate to the “Messages tab”. You can reach out to Cutr at any time using the "Cutr" chat.

Have a question a general question for the Cutr team? Email us at and the team will respond within 12 business hours. Do you have feedback on this product? We would love to hear it. Share your feedback via email.

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