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How does Cutr work?
How do revisions and approvals work?
How do revisions and approvals work?
Written by Jasper Mittelmeijer
Updated over a week ago

Modifications to a design file occur in every project. But emails with new versions of the design often get lost and can quickly lead to errors.

With 'file revisions' on the Cutr platform, it's easy to keep track of changes to a file. The 'revision history' clearly shows all successive versions, including notes on what was changed and why.

Uploading revisions is currently only possible before you have requested a quote. After this, you can always send files via email to Cutr and we will upload the latest revision to the platform.

In addition to revisions, Cutr also uses 'approvals' to indicate that a file has been approved for production. This makes it clear to everyone that that file is the right one to work with. It works as follows:

  1. Cutr uploads the file for production.

  2. On the order you see that a file is waiting for approval

  3. Click on 'Review' and check the file carefully

  4. Click on 'Approve' if the file is correct and you agree for production

  5. Click on 'Reject' if the file has issues or needs changes. Add a note to clarify what needs attention.

Revisions and approvals make it easier to work together on a project and have clarity on exactly what needs to be produced. Questions? Contact us via email, phone or chat.

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