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Filling in your business details in your account
Filling in your business details in your account

Read here how to enter you business entity information

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In order to prepare invoices correctly and to be able to provide favorable payment plans, it is important to enter your business entity information in your account. In this article you can read how you can do that.

Go to your 'Account settings' and then indicate at the bottom that you are placing an order as a company by selecting 'Business'. Then click on 'Add business information' to look up the data of your business.

First indicate in which country your business is located. When you have found your business, click on 'Next' to check and confirm your details.

Can’t find your business or is the information incorrect? On the next page you can enter or adjust your business details and finally save it by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Watch this video to see how you should fill in your business details step for step. If you have any questions please contact us via email, chat or telephone.

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