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How does Cutr work?
Assembly and installation
Assembly and installation

Read here which assembling and installation services Cutr offers

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A design will not serve its full purpose until it is assembled and installed at the desired location. We have the right resources to handle both assembly and installation on site. Below we will explain exactly what services Cutr offers.


What does assembly entail?

With assembly we mean putting parts together as indicated by the customer (possibly in consultation with Cutr). Assembly is often done in the workshop of our production partner. Assembled parts are then delivered to the desired location. Usually assembling is done by:

  • Applying glue connections

  • Mechanically joining (using screws, hinges, wood connecting element, etc.)

There are many ways to reduce assembly time and thus costs. For example, clear drawings or optimisation in the design. Cutr offers the following services in the design phase to make assembly easy for you or for the production partner:

  • Design and engineering help to make your assembly simpler

  • Creating technical drawings with dimensions

  • Create an exploded view drawing

  • Making a parts list with dimensions

If you have requested Cutr to assemble your design, then we will do an engineering review to make sure that the design is indeed assemblable. For any assembly request, Cutr will include engineering labour to your quote to validate the design.

If Cutr does not provide assembly, it is not possible to:

  • Guarantee that the design will fit together.

  • Provide step-by-step assembly drawings


What does installation entail?

Cutr offers the service of installing products on site. This is done in the following manner:

  1. Customer provides as much information as possible about the location (see below)

  2. The production partner comes to measure the location

  3. An installation date is determined in consultation with both parties

  4. Our production partners install the product in the right space at your location

What kind of information would we like to receive in advance?

  • Desired date to measure and desired date to install

  • Address with floor number

  • Dimensions of space and any obstacles on site (sockets, plumbing, windows, fire extinguishers)

  • Dimensions of the entrance door to the building and/or apartment

  • Dimensions and photos of hallway, stairs and/or elevators

  • Video of the space where installation will take place

  • Site access hours (for measuring and for installation day(s))

  • Contact person (+ phone number) for measuring and installation

  • Parking availability (on street? paid? private?)

  • Available to unload (on street? paid? private?)

  • Vehicle restrictions (is there a height limit on the parking lot?)

  • Project schedule (installation program from other parties)

Please note that Cutr does not offer installation without measuring in advance. This prevents us from arriving at location and not being able to install due to unforeseen circumstances.

If Cutr does not provide installation, it is not possible to:

  • Guarantee that the design can be placed at the respective location.

  • Deliver step-by-step installation drawings

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