Cutr uses a minimum order value of €500 excluding VAT. If you want to order a prototype for a larger series, we offer two options.

  1. If your design is finalised, and you’re ready to commit to manufacturing a full series run but you would still like to request a smaller run first to make sure everything is turning out to your liking:

    • Place a request for the complete run and indicate in 'Notes' that you first want to receive a prototype or sample. The costs for this and any limited adjustments (such as minor dimension or design changes) will be added to the quotation.

  2. Your design is not final or you’re still in the prototyping phase:

    • Place a request for your prototype (minimum order value of €500 will still apply). Depending on the size of the full series run, Cutr will refund you a % of the cost of this prototype in your full-run order. We can also include some design consultancy as part of your quote to help with turning your prototype to a finalised design.

Would you still like to place a small order under €500? Please feel free to contact us via chat, email or telephone.

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