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How does Cutr work?
How does Pay via Sprinque work?
How does Pay via Sprinque work?
Written by Jasper Mittelmeijer
Updated over a week ago

Sprinque is one of our payment providers.

When using 'Pay via Sprinque', they handle the invoice. You will receive emails from with our invoice and payment instructions. You pay the invoice to Sprinque's bank account. Reminders will also be sent via Sprinque.

Sprinque is a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' provider. In short, Sprinque pays the invoice amount to us, and then you pay to Sprinque.

This allows us to give you payment terms that work for you.

In addition, it allows us to pay your Cutr production partner a first instalment even before you've paid the invoice – so they can get to work for you!

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