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Can I invite a Manufacturer to join Cutr?
Can I invite a Manufacturer to join Cutr?

Find out how to refer a Maker to join the Cutr platform

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How to refer a Manufacturer to the Cutr platform

You can earn rewards by referring a manufacturer you know to the Cutr platform.

To get started, fill out this form with your information and the information of the manufacturer you want to refer to Cutr. Make sure you've communicated with your manufacturer that you will be sharing this information with Cutr.

After submitting the form, we will contact the manufacturer to begin their onboarding to the platform. Once the manufacturer is active and completes their first order on Cutr, you will receive 5% off of your next order. The manufacturer you referred will get the same amount in cash as a welcome bonus.

Moving forward, you will always be matched with your referred manufacturer as a first option when you place an order on the Cutr platform, and we will provide 10% discount on all of your orders that get manufactured by the manufacturer you referred.

Please note:

  • A referral is considered successful only after the 1st order is completed on the platform by the referred manufacturer.

  • This offer is only valid if the manufacturer has not created an account with Cutr before

  • If a manufacturer is referred by multiple customers, the reward will go to the earliest referral.

  • The 10% discount for all future orders manufactured by your referred manufacturer will be applied as an adjustment to the final invoice of your order.

  • Your referred manufacturer will have a "right of first refusal" for all of your orders on Cutr. This right will give them 24 hours to respond to an order offer. If no response is given within 24 hours or if the referred manufacturer declines your order, your order will be offered to the rest of the Cutr manufacturer network.

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