Cutr now accepts 2D files for quoting and cutting.

To turn your 2D drawings into CNC’d wooden parts, we have a few guidelines to help you create error free 2D files for production:

  • Currently we accept .dwg or .dxf file types

  • Drawing should be to scale. Please indicate any critical dimensions and units of measurement either in the drawing or in the additional file info on the quote request.

  • Indicate desired thickness of material / depth for cutting.

  • Remember your structure tree. Each layer should indicate the depth of cutting. As an example, if your material is 18mm Plywood, your layers might read:

    • Layer 1 (colour 1) - Contour -18mm

    • Layer 2 (colour 2) - Pocket -12mm

    • Layer 3 (colour 3) - Groove -6mm

  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software does not like duplicate or overlapping lines / paths, or points. For best results, close all poly-lines and delete any duplicates.

  • Ensure your file is a vector file. Only vectors will be cut, so remove any clipping masks or fills.

  • If nesting yourself (laying out your parts on a sheet to be cut out), leave a minimum of 19 mm between parts.

Cutr can provide design and engineering help you to get your file ready for production. Simply request a free quote by uploading your file and someone from our team will reach out to answer any questions you might have.

Refer to “Checking your file for Errors” for more tips on how to best prepare your files for production and “Saving and Naming your File” for a reminder on file naming conventions.

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