How to save your file?

  • Include the name of your company

    • So you and your team know that it is your file, made by your company or your team

  • Name of the client

    • So you and your team can connect it to this client and it could be saved in this folder

  • Name of the product being produced

    • So you, your team, your clients and production facilities understand what will be produced

  • Revision, never save as final. Because if you change it, you will have to name this something like final_final. That's confusing and can lead to mistakes. Start with two numbers because big projects will have loads of revisions.

Example: BestDesignAgency_Joe’sCoffeeHouse_FrontCounter_Rev03

Additional tips when saving your files:

  • Move your old files into an archive folder so you still keep them in case:

    • Your uploaded file is corrupt or not working

    • You incorrectly saved a file, so you haven’t lost your work

  • Check to make sure you don’t have duplicate files with the same name somewhere else in your drive.

Renaming a file

For files produced in certain software like SpaceClaim or SolidWorks, renaming of the file needs to be done directly from the software it was created.

Attempting to rename a file from your computer's directory can corrupt the file, making it unusable. Files from these softwares function a little differently from other Windows/Mac files because they use References files to open and update correctly. These references may be lost if changing the name outside of the software as sub-assemblies and drawings are dependent on the file name to open correctly.

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